The Legendary Jordanaires'

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Since 1950, The Jordanaires have been very fortunate in the music business. We have worked with literally hundreds of the top rock, country, gospel, and pop artists in the entertainment field, and have been on billions of records during this time.

In 1956. we first recorded with a long-haired, hip-swinging rock and roller from Memphis, Tennessee by the name of Elvis Presley, and our lives have never been the same. The first sessions went great. Elvis was easy to work with and we immediately became close friends, a friendship which lasted until his death. No one artist before, or since Elvis, has ever had such an impact on our careers.

As Elvis' career skyrocketed, our popularity as background studio and concert singers grew as well, and for that we are grateful. Elvis also acknowledged on numerous occasions our vocal backing contirbuted to his success. We quickly formed a mutual admiration society. We performed with Elvis from 1956 to 1970, during which time we were in 28 movies (either sound track, or appearances in the movies) all of his RCA recordings, and all of his concerts........... These were the days before the pressure, health problems, and personal problems began to mount, and we were very fortunate to be a part of the good times of Elvis' rise to fame. These were days of happy times singing around the piano at Graceland with a fun-loving guy who was always a pleasure to be around.

We will always miss you Elvis!

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