The Jordanaires:
Through The Years

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Gordon Stoker, Curtis Young,
Louis Nunley, Ray Walker

Gordon Stoker, Neal Matthews,
Louis Nunley, Ray Walker

Neal Matthews, Gordon Stoker,
Duane West, Ray Walker

Gordon Stoker, Neal Matthews,
Duane West, Ray Walker

Neal Matthews, Hoyt Hawkins,
Ray Walker, Gordon Stoker

Gordon Stoker, Ray Walker,
Neal Matthews, Hoyt Hawkins

Neal Matthews, Gordon Stoker,
Hoyt Hawkins, Ray Walker

Hoyt Hawkins, Gordon Stoker
Neal Matthews, Hugh Jarrett

Gordon Stoker, Culley Holt,
Hoyt Hawkins, Neal Matthews

1952 -1953
Hoyt Hawkins, Bob Money, Culley Holt,
Don Bruce,
 Gordon Stoker

1950 - 1951
Bill Matthews,
Monty Matthews,
Culley Holt,
Gordon Stoker (piano),
Bob Hubbard

Bill Matthews, Bob Hubbard,
Bob Money (piano),
Culley Holt,
Monty Matthews

 Many Thanks to All these
Super Talented Artists
who have contributed to the running success of The Jordanaires
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Birthdate Position Year
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Bill Matthews September.19, 1923 1st Tenor 1948-1951
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Bob Hubbard July 3, 1928 2nd Tenor 1948-1952
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Monty Matthews August 25, 1927 Baritone 1948-1952
redball.gif (1220 bytes)border=0 Culley Holt July 2, 1925 Bass 1948-1954
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Bob Money May 4 1929 Piano 1948-1950/1952
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Gordon Stoker August 3, 1924 1st Tenor /Manager 1950-2013
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Don Bruce August 4, 1933 1st Tenor 1952-1953
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Hoyt Hawkins March 31, 1927 Baritone 1952-1982
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Neal Matthews, Jr. October 26, 1929 2nd Tenor 1953-2000
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Hugh Jarrett Oct. 11, 1929 Bass 1954-1958
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Ray Walker March 16, 1934 Bass 1958-present
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Duane West April 28, 1941 Baritone 1982-1999
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Louis Nunley October 15, 1931 Baritone 1999-2012
redball.gif (1220 bytes) Curtis Young January 9, 1943 2nd Tenor 2000-present

In Memorium

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Bill Matthews: Deceased February 10, 2003. One of the Original founding members, along with his brother, Monty Matthews. Bill left the group in 1951.
Bob Hubbard:  Bob was the first lead singer for the Jordanaires. Left the group in April 1952 to serve in the US Army. He re-organized the Foggy River Boys Quartet in 1967. They opened a music show in Branson, Missouri in 1973 and did live shows there for 20 years. Sold their theatre in 1993, Bob is now retired in Branson with Wife Reba. They have two children, Tom and Nancy who live in St. Louis, Mo.. Bob is also a retired minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Monty Matthews: Deceased March 5, 2005. Left the group in October 1952. At this time, contractual reasons forced the group to go by the name "The Foggy River Boys" until 1953, when the group purchased the name "The Jordanaires" from Bill and Monty Matthews.
Culley Holt: Deceased, June 28, 1980. Left group in December 1954;  replaced by Hugh Jarrett.
Bob Money: Deceased February 10. 2005. Drafted in late 1949, though briefly returned to play Piano for the group after discharge in 1952. Also note, Boyce Hawkins (Hoyt Hawkins brother) also played Piano for the group when needed, as well did, Marvin Hughes on The Grand Ole Opry Shows.
Gordon Stoker: Deceased March 27,2013. Began playing piano with Jordanaires, December 1949. Began singing 1st Tenor, late October, 1951.  In October 1952 with the addition of Don Bruce, briefly switched over to 2nd Tenor until March 1953.
Don Bruce: Briefly joined the group singing1st Tenor in October 1952. Was drafted into the Army, March 1953
Hoyt Hawkins: Deceased October 23, 1982; began singing 2nd Tenor, April 1952, when Bob Hubbard was drafted, switched over to Baritone with the departure of Monty Matthews in October 1952
Neal Matthews, Jr: Deceased April 21, 2000. Joined the group in March 1953 when Don Bruce was drafted. No relation to Bill or Monty Matthews. Originated the "Nashville Numbering System".  Made all the vocal arrangements for the group.
Hugh Jarrett: Deceased May 31, 2008. Joined the group in 1954 left in 1958
Ray Walker:  Began work with the Jordanaires on April 28, 1958, in Hollywood, CA, for Capitol Records' sessions."
Duane West:  Deceased  June 23, 2002. Was one of The Southern Gentlemen with Sonny James in the 60's;  filled in for Jordanaires when needed and available; became official Baritone member, 1982, following the death of Hoyt Hawkins.
Louis Nunley: Deceased October 26, 2012. Original Bass Singer with the Anita Kerr Singers, Louis had stood in on the bass part, and other parts for the Jordanaires, when he was needed and available;  became official Baritone April, 1999, due to the illness of Duane West.
Curtis Young became official 2nd Tenor member, 2000, following the death of Neal Matthews.

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