Thanks to all these Super Talented Artists
who have contributed to the running success of The Jordanaires

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Often, a beautiful High Soprano voice is heard on the Jordanaires background vocals.
This voice is Millie Kirkham, who was introduced with the Jordanaires on Ferlin Husky's "Gone"; the first time one female vocalist was ever used with four male vocalists on background; then, on to Elvis's "Blue Christmas". From then on, Millie became a mark with the group, and, was the favorite of Elvis, especially, and, of all others with whom she recorded. Millie was known for her work with the Anita Kerr Singers.

     Sometimes, other female vocalists were added, individually or together with one or two others, which helped to establish the Jordanaires' sound: Winifred Breast, "Tootsie" Dolores Dinning Edgin, Marijon Wilkin (song writer, producer "Waterloo", "One Day At A Time"), Margie Singleton (artist in her own right; also organized "The Merry Melody Singers"), "Prissy" Priscilla Hubbard Reed (wife of Jerry Reed), Helen Chance, & Janie Fricke (successful solo recording artist). When one of the Jordanaires would be away, various male vocalists would stand in. Some of them are: Ray Stevens ("Ahab The Arab", "The Streak", etc.), Louis Nunley, Boyce Hawkins (brother of Hoyt Hawkins), Joe Babcock, Doug Kirkham (husband of Millie Kirkham), Duane West, Michael Black. In 1978, the Jordanaires played New York City's Palace Theatre---"Elvis The Legend Lives". When the play went on the road, three of the group went back to Nashville, at various times, to keep pace with the recording sessions. The Hammonds stood in for these parts in the show, especially, in Las Vegas.

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