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How to if needed:

2002jordsban.gif (12760 bytes)

To download the banner above, right click on it. In the window that comes up click on save picture as, then save it to the folder where you keep the other images you have on your website.
Next type in (or copy and paste) the red text below on the page you want the banner on.
(don't forget to save it in the same place you have your page online.)

<a href="http://www.jordanaires.net"><img src="2002jordsban.gif" border=0></a>


How to copy and paste:
with your finger pressing down on the left button on your mouse. slowy move your mouse pointer over everything in the white box above until you see it highlighted... with it still highlighted, click edit tab on your Explorer bar then click on copy. Open the source of your "link page" (if this is the page you want the banner to be on) then click edit and click paste. Then save.

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